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Brilliant Biryanis

Saturday Jan 29, 2011 | Maharajahs

A Biryani is something a little bit special. It’s a meal in itself complete with meat and rice served with a vegetable curry (spiced to your preference)  all together just asking to be eaten.

Our chefs know how to cook the perfect biryani – combining all the ingredients together and cooking the rice and meat in the same pot means that the intense flavours of the herbs and spices infuse the whole dish perfectly. Our most popular requests are for Lamb and Chicken (the photo above is for our Tandoori Chicken Biryani) – our suggestion would be the succulent Lamb variety and opt for a bit of spice in the accompanying vegetable curry and then adding as much as you can handle!

Because everything is together – ordering a Biryani means that if you don’t want anything else, you really won’t need it – although a pile of chapattis at the side is the perfect accompaniment – and means you don’t even need cutlery!

Real Indian Rice

How knowledgable are you with rice?  One of the great pleasures of great Indian food is the flavour of the rice.  The lovely taste of basmati rice whether cooked plain or with spices really is a treat in itself and really sets itself apart from bland white rice.  Basmati literally means ‘the fragrant one’ and for anyone who has tasted good basmati rice will know exactly why.

Brilliant Biryani

If you are wondering why the lesson in rice – it is because it is the perfect introduction to our Featured Dish of the Month.  To create a real authentic biryani dish (a traditional festive dish) basmati rice is combined with the meat and some spice to create a dish of unparalleled texture and taste.  This is then served with a lovely mixed vegetable curry (spiced to suit your taste) to create a meal in itself.

Whether you fancy a meat dish, vegetables or prawns, and if you want it spicy or mild, our chef will make the perfect dish for you.