Top Vegetarian Dishes

Thursday Feb 4, 2010

Are you a non-meat eater/vegetarian, do you just fancy a break from eating meat for an evening or do you just want to try something different? Here are three dishes we’d recommend you try.

Panir Massallam

Panir is a classic ingredient in real Indian food – for the uninitiated – it’s similar to Cottage Cheese. This is a mildly spiced dish with fresh herbs and spices complementing the freshness of the Panir.

Sag Aloo Delight

Sag Aloo is a renowned classic accompany to any Indian meal – and available at almost all Indian restaurants across the country. Our Sag Aloo delight augments this classic dish with the addition of coriander – one of the great curry ingredients, and mustard seed to create quite a spicy dish.

Sabzi Panir Jalfrezie

You should know what Panir cheese is from description of the mild curry above. The Sabzi Panir Jalfrezie is a spicier dish –with fresh coriander, chilli and ginger adding some heat to the coolness of the Panir.

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