The Maharajah’s own bread

Saturday Sep 25, 2010

A quick look at our menu for the Maharajahs shows a wide range of authentic Indian breads – all of which we are ready to cook fresh for your pleasure. Whether it’s the classic naan or something a little bit different these fresh doughy treats can add something to every meal – some can almost be a meal in themselves.

The Nan

We offer a range of nan breads to suit all different tastes. The nan is a fantastic fluffy bread – cooked for the briefest of times in the fiery tandoor. The plain nan is perfect for soaking up sauce in any dish whilst the different variations can add further flavour to any meal. Whether you fancy the buttery garlic taste of the Garlic Nan (pictured above), the fresh sharp taste of the spring onions in the Peyazi Nan or the distinct flavour of the cheese and onion they will all add a little something. There are two other fantastic nans that you just have to experience – the sheer sweet delight of the peshwari full of fruit and nuts and the meaty delight of the keema.


The paratha is a lovely layered bread – cooked in oil (so maybe not one for you dieters!). We cook two types – one a traditional plain version and then the great aloo paratha – where the taste is complemented by lovely a fresh cooked potato filling.


This delightful light bread has nothing at all to do with pot pourri – the foul smelling mix of dried flowers popular in the 1980s. Puri is a lovely little fried bread that puffs up like a small balloon and is light to the taste.

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