Super Starters!

Monday Dec 27, 2010

There are some starters that you just wish would never finish. Once you’ve started them – you’re regretting ordering that main course and just wishing you could order the same again.

King Prawn Butterfly

Meaty king prawns are perfect. There is something nice about cooking them and peeling them – but this dish does something even better. The large prawns are coated in light batter before being quickly fried and served with a fantastic dipping sauce – excellence in a starter.

Maharajahs Assorted Kebabs

Creating great tasting kebabs requires a lot of preparation as the meat is delicately and carefully flavoured with a mixture of herbs and spices. This fantastic tasting meat is then fired in the intense heat of the tandoor ready to be eaten enjoyed! This starter is served with a lovely sauce to dip the sumptuous meat into.

Chicken Pakoras

This one is similar to the King Prawn Butterfly. For this dish lovely pieces of chicken are fried in light batter before being served with a lovely crisp salad. There is nothing better than squeezing fresh lemon juice over these before enjoying.

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