When you head out for an Indian meal – are you hoping for something with a bit of spice?  There is a time and a place for everything – but sometimes you just want an authentic Indian meal with real heat to it.  None of these are for anyone with a delicate palate – but we certainly are more than happy to create these great curries if you just ask!

The Hottest Restaurant in Edinburgh

The Vindaloo Curry Dish

Our first dish is one you will already know – the Vindaloo. Although, almost legendary for it’s heat – this is a great tasting curry for those in the know – and heatwise – it is only third in our list.

The Phall Curry Dish

For our second dish, we introduce the Phall and the more observant of you will have noticed that it doesn’t feature on our menu. Amazingly, we get more requests for a Phall than a Vindaloo – and our chefs are always happy to oblige. This one will make the Vindaloo seem like a mild Korma!

The Naga Curry Dish

The final dish on our list is the legendary Naga. Made with the famous Naga Chilli (or the Bhut Jolokia pepper) there is every chance that this dish will burn your tongue instantly. The Chillis used in this dish are used in India for crowd control purposes – so don’t say you haven’t been warned!!

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