Seafood Legends

Friday Apr 30, 2010

We have a fantastic range of seafood dishes – ranging from the mild to spicy for you to enjoy.  Our selection of main courses features prawns, king prawns and fish – and are guaranteed to give you a great meal – here is one that we really recommend.

Maharajahs Pomfret Delicacy

The pomfret is a slightly prehistoric looking fish, which in these days of over fishing has been promoted as potential alternative to cod.  We take the pomfret and steam it whole to ensure it stays as fresh and flavoured as possible.  To this we add fresh tomatoes, bhindi (or okra or ladies fingers – depending on your preferred name) which gives a lovely fresh taste and slight crunch, before adding fresh coriander to give it a lovely warmth and spice.

This is a dish to enjoy with fresh boiled rice – let the flavour of the dish come to the fore and have a fantastic meal.

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