Do you think Mother’s Day is just a money making scheme for those card companies – or do you think it’s a great a day to celebrate you good old mum?  Either way – this is the day you have to spoil her to thank her for all those changed nappies, nursing cuts and bruises and all those lovely hot meals.

Whatever happens – you need to give her a nice treat – take her out for dinner or even cook her a nice meal – anything to make her feel special.

Book a table or order a take away

Here at Maharajah we can help you make this easy – order one of our fantastic Indian meals to takeaway (you can even pretend you cooked it) – or bring her into our restaurant and spoil her here.  We’re getting busy – so give us a call on 0131 466 7281 and book a table and let her put the marigolds down for an evening!

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