Take a look at the name of this month’s Featured Dish – for 99% of us the only reaction can be – what a mouthful!

Well – yes – it is – and a hot and sour mouthful it is too – but what a mouthful.  For all bar that 1% – a quick translation time – Sylheti is an area in the North East of Bangladesh, Achar means Indian Pickle and as our regular readers will tell you – Gosht in this instance means lamb.

So, a Northern Bangaldeshi dish of pickle and lamb – what makes it special?  Without sounding like a certain set of adverts – this isn’t just Branston pickle – this is fine Indian pickle, the lamb is cooked to tender perfection and to this we add  fresh green chilli and stewed fresh coriander leaves (plus a few other ingredients!).

We say on our menu that this is a lamb delicacy – and it really is.  With a good spicy heat to it – this is one to be enjoyed with a cool drink.

One Response to “ Featured Dish – Sylheti Achar Gosht ”

  1. Tania_scotland Says:

    Very nice and tasty i like maharajahs curry's really best chef in kichen………all time i like ………………

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