August’s Lamb Dish of the Month

There are some things that people can cook at home – and we’d certainly encourage you to have a try at making curry – but one thing it is impossible to duplicate is cooking in a tandoor (clay oven). The classic clay oven – with temperatures approaching 500 degrees centigrade lets our chefs create some incredible flavours and tastes.

Our Lamb Tikka Massallam is a perfect example of this – the lamb is marinaded in spiced yoghurt giving it fantastic rich flavour and colour. Once the flavours are infused – our chef barbecues it in our tandoor – and the phenomenal heat means that all the taste is kept in ready for you to enjoy.

Once cooked – we create a sauce of medium spice, with the tang of fresh tomatoes and fresh herbs. This is a dish to be enjoyed with lightly flavoured rice and bread.

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