Christmas at the Maharajahs

Tuesday Oct 12, 2010

Christmas is coming and the love it / hate it merry go round of nights out to celebrate. Whether it is with work colleagues, football friends, family or people you’ve not seen for months, there is no escape from it. So whether you’re a love it or hate it type, whatever you end up doing, the most important thing is to make sure you’re going to enjoy any food or drink.

Christmas Curry

Here at Maharajahs Indian Restaurant and Takeaway we’ll be offering a set banquet meal over the festive period for only £14.95 a head (complete with free corkage on any bottles that you bring yourself). What this means is great Indian food without having to blow the budget on an overpriced mass produced turkey dinner.

A typical Indian Christmas Menu

Wouldn’t Christmas dinner be better with a bit of spicy heat? For your meal here you will get a selection of our great starters to kick the meal off, lovely samosas, pakoras and kebabs complete with dips to enhance the flavours.

To follow we’ll provide a range of our great curries (meaty or vegetarian to suit your audience) and we’ll range the spices to suit the tastes at the table. These dishes will be served with mountains of fluffy pilau rice and lip smacking nan bread.

So get on the phone and book your table now – we promise there won’t be a turkey in sight! Call us now on 0131 466 7281.

Takeaway & Delivery

Our Takeaway and Delivery service will also be available over Christmas and New Year but on these public holidays we recommend you make your order in advance.

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