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Fresh from the tandoor the lamb is added to a sauce rich in onions and coriander. This medium spiced dish is perfect with chapattis to wrap around the lamb – the texture of the wholemeal bread complementing the melt in the mouth lamb perfectly.

Zeera means cumin – and it’s a taste that you will enjoy throughout this dish. The beautiful chicken is coated in a rich sauce ready to be enjoyed with lovely freshly cooked rice and a lovely naan.

This months dishes are Two Tikka specialities. Creating a Tikka dish is a labour of love with a wide range of herbs and spices added to a marinade to flavour and tenderise the meat with a fantastic rich taste. This meat is then barbecued in the intense heat of the tandoor (a clay oven) to both seal and enhance the flavours.

The Maharajahs Indian Restaurant and Takeaway does great Indian food – and fantastic takeaways for delivery or collection in Edinburgh. There are certain things that make takeaway food special – such as making sure the food is delivered as quick as possible and is still piping hot when it gets to your door. Once you have it at home – there is the delight of the aroma of well cooked tasty food as you prepare to enjoy your meal.

An Indian banquet is such a great way to spend an evening – and given all you need to do is wash up the plates afterwards – what is stopping you? If you’re not sure what you fancy – why not try one of our Featured Dishes from past months – or ask us what we recommend.

Give us a call on 0131 466 7281 and enjoy a takeaway tonight.

Over the past few months we have celebrated some of the great curry dishes we offer at the Maharajahs. Complete with photos to make your taste buds water each of these offers a bit more detail about each dish and even suggests what to eat them with.

We’ve covered a wide range of cooking and dishes – so whether you want a vegetarian dish or something more meaty here is a great way to find a dish you might not have considered before.

The following link comes with a warning. It will take you to all the dishes we have recommended to date -

Maharajah’s Featured Dishes

but once you’ve seen them – you’ll find them difficult to resist.

This month it is time to break free of the traditional Korma, Bhuna, Madras or whichever ‘standard’ curry you generally opt for. Here at Maharajahs our menu is wide and varied and there are some really special dishes that you’d miss if you always opt for one of the more recognised curry dishes. This month we’re celebrating two – so try them and love them!

Lamb is a meat that cries out to be slowly cooked to release it’s flavour and to allow it to take on that perfect tender texture where it melts in your mouth.  In this curry, the lamb is prepared in that exact manner with chick peas and the tang of fresh lemons.  Our chefs then spice this further with some fresh ginger and green coriander leaves.  This is one best served with a few chapatis and eaten without using cutlery.

Generally mushrooms don’t spring to mind when people are thinking of great curry.  In this beautiful chicken dish mushrooms are fried with peppers and onion to create the base of a rich thick sauce.  The chicken itself comes freshly grilled from the tandoor – and has that perfect barbecue texture.  For this dish we’d recommend you double up on the mushrooms by enjoying it with some lovely Mushroom Pilau Rice.

As we head into the cold winter getting some great food brimming with vitamins becomes increasingly important.  This month our featured vegetarian dishes of the month will do just that – as well as adding a bit of spice to help keep out the cold.

Whether you want to order these Indian dishes as a main course – or as a side to accompany one of our classic curry dishes these two dishes are guaranteed to delight.  What’s even better is that these are dishes that travel well – so if you don’t want to brave the winter nights our takeaway and delivery service will be able to drop them off in our little piece of wintery Edinburgh.

There is something delightful about the classic Sag Aloo.  Iron rich spinach and lovely fluffy potato with a subtle spice mix create one of those dishes you just can’t resist.  Our Sag Aloo Delight gets a couple of extra ingredients to make it extra special – fresh coriander and mustard seeds will dance on your tongue and make this a dish to remember.